滋賀医科大学 国際保健・地域医療研究会 TukTuk(トゥクトゥク)


団体名 国際保健・地域医療研究会 TukTuk

設立 2004 

顧問 垰田 和史 先生(滋賀医科大学社会医学講座(衛生学)准教授)

代表 関根 浩史(滋賀医科大学医学部医学科3年)

メンバー 滋賀医科大学学生 約30


Welcome to TukTuk

Shiga University of Medical Science, International Health & Community Medicine Study Organization – “ TukTuk ”


“TukTuk” is a student-run organization at Shiga University of Medical Science in Japan, dedicated to expanding our understanding of international health and community medicine. We host workshops, where lectures and case-study discussions are held by guest medical practitioners in various specialization of our interest. We also organize local and international study tours, where we visit health personnel and NPOs playing an active role in the field of international / community health around the world. International / community health provides us the opportunity to learn about alternative health care systems in sometimes resource limited areas, and we feel this is often difficult to experience within the university curriculum alone. We are actively aiming to gain the opportunity to come in contact with current on-site health issues faced by various communities.


- Name of organization: TukTuk

- Year founded: 2004

- Advisor: Dr. Kazushi Taoda (Shiga University of Medical Science, Faculty of Medicine, Sociomedicine and Hygiene, associate professor)

- Representative: Dai Tomita (Shiga University of Medical Science, Faculty of Medicine, 4th year undergraduate )

- Members: Over 30 students from faculty of medicine and nursing at Shiga University of Medical Science.